“My goals were to get leaner and to trim up which meant a lot of interval training and a need to switch things up to keep my body guessing. Always being on the road limited my days in the gym so when I met with Stan he built me a total weekly workout that I could do at home, in a hotel room, or at the gym. The workouts were all using my own body weight and the results were the best I’d had with any trainer.”
— Evan C.

“There are a number of things that I loved about working with Stan. As a fitness professional myself, I was so impressed by stan’s depth of knowledge. He works in a smart and efficient manner so that you are properly warmed up and prepared to make the most out of your session. For stan, it’s not just about “transforming bodies”, he cares deeply about functional movement and building real strength and control which really is what it’s all about. He pushes you but ONLY in a way that is smart for your current body...not the body you one day hope to achieve. I couldn’t recommend him enough, he makes fitness fun and educational and best of all...he lets you choose your music!
— Kara D.

I never worked out before I met Stan. Stan has the unique ability to be laser focused on improving my form and technique while still making every workout feel like a hangout session with one of your best bro-friends. I work out regularly now and have followed him to 2 gyms. The results have been life changing!
— Jeff F.
I walk by mirrors these days and hardly even recognize myself.
— Nick L.