The ones who are kicking ass before the sun comes up.

It's for the souls that aren't willing to spend 45 minutes every morning making a smoothie, clipping their toenails, smelling the roses.

The same people aren't willing to spend 45 minutes stretching and foam rolling before picking up a weight.

I feel you -- because I am you.

I've felt the guilt that comes with taking an hour off to get a workout in. 

The frustration when a workout gets cut short by a fire that needs putting out.

And I've said 'fuck it' before eating McDonalds for dinner after being in meetings all day.

But the unfortunate reality is that time waits for no man. 

Every day is a day to hustle, to connect, to learn, and to progress. 

My work is always a matter of maximizing ROI.

And my workouts need to do the same.

But I'm not going to wait a year to finally see results...

There must be a reliable return -- and quickly.

It's time to start cutting out the fluff and focusing on what works.

  • A nutrition plan that accounts for, and even allows indulging while taking a clint out to dinner. 
  • Workouts that fit both goals and schedule
  • Accountability through a dedicated coach 

Long story short... I created Busy Guy Fitness because I needed something that met my needs -- and the needs of people like you.

It isn't for soccer moms, and trust fund babies. 

It is for those who produce at a high level, and require their fitness program to do the same.

If you're wondering what the next step is, look no further.