Exercising When You're Tired As F*ck

A while back, a co-worker told one of our clients to quit their job.

The client worked in the intense world of  technology sales. They were stressed, hardly sleeping, and burning out at an ever-increasing pace...

They were also working out with us 5-6x/week and losing an hour of sleep every night because of it.

My co-worker blamed it on the clients job...

But she was wrong.

It was actually our fault.

See, despite what we like to tell ourselves, we aren't invincible.

When your work schedule is a shitstorm, exercising requires more than an iron will, it requires finesse and a realism.

So if you've ever been tired as f*ck, and you still want to look, move and feel great as f*ck...

This one's for you.

 Aim for the MED (Minimal Effective Dose).

For some reason, our society is obsessed with more. Exercise needs to 7 days per week, extra intense, and novel. Not only is this ineffective when you're well rested, but it's even worse when you're tired as f*ck. Here's why:

Most people actually work TOO hard and/or TOO long if they're trying to lose fat. Science shows that exercising at a moderate pace (60-70% max heart rate) for extended periods of time leads to your body immediately using fat as an energy source.

Interval training is usually packaged as the most time effective workout -- until you take into consideration that hte science supporting it involves VERY brief intervals of VERY intense exercise - meaning that you are breathing heavy and could only hold that pace for around 20 seconds.

If you can go longer, don't tell yourself that you're in great shape... You're actually doing it wrong.

So where do we stand with the minimal effective dose? It all comes down to fatigue management.

Case and point.

Case and point.

As we fatigue, we'll unknowingly choose the path of least resistance -- this doesn't mean the safest or most aligned with our goals. 

This is where the minimal effective dose comes in:

Rather than doing high-intensity exercise that comes with a higher potential for injury, your time and effort is best spent working at a lower intensity. This means something like doing a simple bodyweight circuit for 10-30 minutes with minimal stops will have a much better effect long term than 10 minutes of brutal sprints. 

Minimal Effective Dose WORKOUTS

They're quick, easy and most importantly, simple AF because let's be realistic... Nobody wants to try and be coordinated when they're fighting to stay awake.

Workout 1: Mobility Flows

Why This Is Awesome: For starters, you should do this stuff even if you're energetic as f*ck. Moving better is never a bad thing and can be quite a challenging workout. Mobility flows are great because you need absolutely no equipment, just your body and a few square feet - so if you're traveling and tired AF... This is a home run.


Workout 2: Hotel Gym/Dumbbells

Why This Is Awesome: For starters, strength training is essential for healthy joints, strong bones, and sick biceps. Also, this easy to follow workout will hit all major muscle groups in just two supersets. The second round we used a combination exercise to pump up the glutes (great for keeping the back healthy) and followed that up with a knee-elevated birddog for core stability. Oh yeah, and you can do this in a hotel with some light dumbbells :) 

Workout 3: Manual Labor

Why This Is Awesome: Manual labor workouts are a hidden gem. I origionally started playing around with them a year or so ago and quickly fell in love - the premise is simple... Pick 3 exercises that don't compete (i.e. squats and lunges would compete) then grab a medium weight - do all three exercises for 1-3 reps for 10-20 rounds. You'll get a fantastic combination of volume (20 rounds of 3 reps = 60 total repetitions) and a great workout. The pace wants to be similar to that of doing yard work - not too fast and not too slow.


Know When You  Need To Go The F*CK To Sleep

Sorry, Captain Tough Guy... But there is a point of diminishing returns.

If you haven't slept in 17-19 hours, your motor skills will be equivalent to, or worse than having a .05% BAC - which is similar to how a 160lb man would feel after 2 beers. 

Using common sense, reducing your motor skills then trying to do things that require coordination probably isn't the smartest idea. Although it is bad for a workout, being tired as f*ck is perfect for going the f*ck to sleep.

The Final Step

Last, but certainly not least, I always like to close out blogs with a reminder that none of these workouts will work if you don't do them. Although this is, I'm sure, an incredibly stimulating blog to read, it won't get you that coveted six pack. You've got to sweat and eat some veggies. 

The (Other) Final Step

If you want to move like a panther and become a sexy(er) beast, let's chat. Simply fill out the form below and I'll give you a call!

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