Doing The Work.

Expectations are a bitch.

We go into things like relationships, jobs and gym memberships with certain expectations.

- I expect her to love me back (Ever say I love you and expect no response? Dogs don’t count)

- I expect my part-time-job to pay me a living wage, plus benefits, plus a bonus.

- I expect my gym membership to change my body.

But often, we fail to take into account the most important expectation of them all:


We forget the insane amount of effort that is necessary to receive hot, passionate love from another person. Not just for the first year, but for the second year, and third, and seventieth.

The same applies to the gym membership — it doesn’t do a single thing for you on it’s own. But quality time spent inside of that gym will transform every aspect of your life.

These may sound like they’re no-brainers. And they should be.

But the reality is that we’ve drank too much of our own kool-aide, and it’s a brew that’s been poisoned with a heavy dose of self-importance. It’s delicious, and intoxicating. But the problem is, we’ve forgotten that the world is utilitarian.

u·til·i·tar·i·an |adjective | Designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive.

For example, I could care less about what my girlfriends SAT score was if my mooshy, gooshy feelings are met with a cold, dead stare.

You don’t care that your doctor calls his grandma twice per week and always sends handwritten thank you cards if they can’t remove your appendix with a steady hand(or do whatever else you need them to do).

Your trainers ravishing good looks mean nothing if you put on fat, and hurt yourself.

Stan’s note — I hope everyone re-reads that sentence multiple times.

Long story short: the sizzle means jack shit if the ‘steak’ is actually a fried turd.

That’s where doing the work, and effort come in. When we talk about building a business, a relationship, or transforming our bodies, we’re talking about a quiet effort.

The guy who posts on facebook 24/7 about going to the gym or the girl who keeps trying 21-day fixes isn’t going to last. It’s going to be the person who expects neither a great workout or a terrible workout.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter.

They’re simply there to do the work.

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Stanley Dutton