The Morning Routine for Busy People

8 Minutes.

That’s all I need to get out of my house, have a productive day, and not leave anything behind.

Recently, I’ve seen a LOT of advertisements, fitness bloggers, and other people talk about their morning routines.

It usually has some kind of smoothie, journaling, brushing your teeth, making coffee, aligning your chakras, waxing your nipples.

Clearly I stop reading after a few lines because I know it’s not for me.

I’m up at 4:50am — a time that I am not willing to make any earlier for obvious reasons — followed by a 40 minute car ride before opening up the gym at 6am. If I’m lucky I’ll even get 10 minutes of meditation in before walking into work.

Thanks to my morning routine — all 8 minutes of it —I’m set for the day. I have lunch, a coffee, and I look f*ckin’ gorgeous.

It all starts with a little thing called preparation.

Kind of like how a smart marketing plan has blogs, ads, etc all strategically written before launching, my mornings are the same.

Walking to the car at 5am, lunch in hand

Walking to the car at 5am, lunch in hand


Here is every single piece of my morning routine:

  1. Put clothes on.
  2. Put contacts in, brush teeth, make hair pretty
  3. Deodorant and cologne
  4. Workout clothes into backpack
  5. Cold brew ice coffee poured
  6. Protein bar in pocket
  7. Lunch in backpack
  8. Kiss girlfriend
  9. Leave

Here is how I do all of that in 8 minutes:

  • My meals are prepared ahead of time (Usually Sunday) and put into tupperware containers for the week. I grab a slice of frittata and a container of my lunch.
  • If you are REALLY busy, make your own ‘Hungry Man’ style meals by making a big crock pot meal, then freezing individual servings. This could last you 2–4 weeks.
  • Cold brew coffee isn’t just delicious, but it’s also easy to make, and once you’ve made a batch, you’re good for the week. I use this one.
  • The right protein bar goes a long way — RISE Bars have 20g protein and only 3 ingredients. My favorite flavor is Almond Honey- check it out.
  • The average person spends 101 minutes driving every day — how do you use your time en route to work? I spend my commute listening to books that make me a better coach, boyfriend, and friend. Here are my 3 favorite books of all time.


Your morning routine can prepare you for ass-kickery regardless of how much time you give it every day.

All it takes is a bit of premonition

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