One Meal to Rule Them All


This is the only time I'm ever going to write a blog about cooking... Because quite frankly, this is the best thing I can cook (and one of the only things I can cook)

It's also loaded with protein, fat, fiber, and stuff that will make you look and feel like a f*cking champion.

So it's the only thing I need to know how to cook.

All you’re going to need is a cast iron skillet, 18+ eggs, and whatever’s in the fridge.


Stan's protein packed frittata recipe

Beer is recommended, but not required.

Beer is recommended, but not required.

STEP 0.5: Grab your favorite beer.

Cooking without beer is a travesty. Always drink beer while you cook.

Step 1: Set the oven to 425ish

Step 2: Chop stuff, put it in a cast iron skillet.


This week I used a package of chicken sausage and some garlic.

Step 2.5: Scramble lots of eggs

Seriously. Just scramble a ton.

Step 3: Put vegetables into skillet

Push them around until cooked

Step 4: Add eggs to skillet party


Step 4.5: Mix stuff in skillet around

Step 5: Put skillet into oven for 20–25 minutes

You’ll know it’s done when a butter knife comes out clean after a quick poke.

Step 6: Slice it up, put it in containers, eat, digest all of the yummy protein, fats, and fiber.

Step 7: Show off the fruits of your labor


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