Ever Feel Like The Fitness Industry Is Working Against You!?


We're Here To Help You Look Great Naked.

It's time to start cutting out the fluff and focusing on what works.

  • A nutrition plan that accounts for, and even allows indulging while taking a client out to dinner. 

  • Workouts that fit both goals and schedule

  • Accountability through a dedicated coach 

Long story short... Busy Guy Fitness because I needed something that met my needs -- and the needs of people like you.

It isn't for soccer moms, and trust fund babies. 

It is for those who produce at a high level, and require their fitness program to do the same.


Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Let's be real -- NOBODY wants to give up their favorite food to lose a few pounds.

Thankfully, all it takes is a straightforward, built-for-you program to help you enjoy your favorite foods and get the results you desire. 

OH, and even more importantly -- this isn't some BS sales pitch. We use habit change psychology and macronutrient-based nutrition to help you lose fat... With science.


Customized Fitness Programs

Gone are the days of you wandering around the gym wondering what to do!

No two bodies are the same... Why should you train that way?!

The best part? Thanks to the latest fitness technology, your coach is able to send you a customized, easy to follow program straight to your smartphone.

Included are videos for each exercise, and 24/7 access to your coach. 

Jeff Curls.jpg

A Team that makes sure you follow through

What do 99% of people struggle with?

They already know the basics of nutrition and exercise... So it isn't that!

Most people struggle with Consistency. Your dedicated coach is there to make sure that you follow through on the promise that you've made yourself. Once and for good.