Hey there, hot stuff.

If we haven't met yet, my  name is Stan.
I'm a recovering meathead, 4x world record powerlifter, and I like to pretend I can dance. (I can't)

For the longest time, I struggled to get healthy.

Despite running a successful business, and having been in shape in the past, there seemed to be nothing out there that I was able to do consistently. 

I'd start workout program "X" but then I'd be hit with a pang of guilt as I saw emails pour in.

Paleo, Whole 30, and the latest diet program all seemed like a great idea... Until it was time for dinner on the company card. Or to grab drinks with a friend.

The clock was ticking and my lethargy was hindering my work.

So after years of trial and error I came up with a system to...

Find the confidence that comes with fitting into your old clothes.
And create the skills necessary to stay there.
Have the energy to make it through your day without a 3pm coffee.
And fall asleep without the night cap.
Play the long game. 
By keeping your body optimized. 


Well... Here's the tough part. 

Everyone is different (yes, your mom was right... You ARE a snowflake)

If you were the average person with an average life, working 9-5 and plopping in front of a TV after then an average program would do.

But you aren't average.

You maximize every hour of every day to hustle, to connect, to empower.

And your program should do the exact same.

Get in, get out, and leverage your time in the gym to make you better elsewhere.
When you’re 100% ready to make this change in your life, end all of the frustration and get the results you deserve, fill out the form below and I'll reach out to you right away to answer all your questions and make sure you’re the right fit.

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