The ones who are kicking ass before the sun comes up.

It's for the souls that aren't willing to spend 45 minutes every morning making a smoothie, clipping their toenails, smelling the roses.

I feel you -- because I am you.

Not in a creepy way.

But I get exactly where you're coming from.

My alarm goes off at 4:50 every morning and often times I've only slept for 5 hours. Not ideal, but my morning routine helps.

So when that guru tells me to get up and make a smoothie, the idea of waking up 10 minutes earlier and making a loud noise before 5am makes me cringe.

That means workouts that fit my schedule and my goals --

By cutting out the fluff and focusing on what works.

Busy Guy Fitness isn't for soccer moms or trust fund babies. 

It is for those who produce at a high level, and require their fitness program to do the same.